Gender Equality in Urban Forestry – Reality or Utopia? (May 10)

On May 10, an international round of panellists joined online from Switzerland, Belgium and Canada to discuss about Gender Equality in Urban Forestry.

Access the full recording here.

Moderated by Jerylee Wilkes-Allemann (Bern University of Applied Sciences), the webinar focused on gender differences in the professional domain of forestry, arboriculture and other typical or less typical activities. Four panellists shared their insights with us:

The panellists discussed about the importance of empowerment for individuals and communities, role models, confidence building and workplace policies. After a vivid discussion and insightful comments from attendees around Europe sharing their personal experiences regarding gender equality in their daily working life, the panellists concluded that opening the discussion and enhancing visibility is crucial for further steps on the way to promoting gender equality.

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