Urban Forestry Days (23 – 24 March 2021)

Urban Forestry Days (23 – 24 March 2021)

Video recordings are available now here. To dive into the presentations contributed by speakers during the Urban Forestry Days, please scroll down and click directly on the titles.

Two days of diverse and exciting integrated urban forestry activities brought together researchers, practitioners and policymakers from around Europe and beyond to explore the role of urban forests for a transition towards sustainable cities and to discuss linkages between urban green, health and well-being. The two-day collaborative event of integrated Urban Forestry activities was hosted by the European Forest Institute (EFI), the European Forum on Urban Forestry (EFUF) and the Horizon 2020 CLEARING HOUSE project. 750 unique participants from over 68 different countries joined the conference online to explore the latest developments in urban forestry.

Day 1 – Integrated Urban Forest Management – hosted by the European Forest Institute

During day one, interactive discussions shed light on integrated urban forest management and experts gave valuable interdisciplinary insights about the importance of urban forests for the transition towards more sustainable cities. The afternoon took participants on a virtual fieldtrip to the Kottenforst, the peri-urban forest of Bonn. Find an overview of the topics presented here:

Keynote session 1: The urban area and sustainability transition

Keynote session 2: Urban forestry and the pillars of sustainability

Read more about the linkages between urban forestry and sustainability transition.

The importance of urban forests for sustainable cities

Panel discussion with leading representatives from Brussels/ Belgium (Stéphane Vanwijnsberghe, head of subdivision Forest & Nature, Brussels Environment); Barcelona/ Spain (Antoni Farrero, Technical Management Office at the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona); Guangzhou City/ China (Juan Su, Associate Professor, Chief Engineer, Bureau of Forestry and Landscaping of Guangzhou Municipality); Joensuu/ Finland (Sami Lakkonen, Strategy Manager, City of Joensuu); Milan/ Italy (Pierfrancesco Maran, Councillor for Urban Planning, Green and Agriculture, City of Milan) and São Paulo/ Brazil (Rodrigo Ravena, Chief of Staff of the Green and Environment Secretariat)

Find out why urban forests are a valuable tool for building metropolitan green areas.

Graphical recording by Gabriela Rueda

Virtual fieldtrip in the afternoon: “Forests as critical infrastructure? Integrated Forest Management and recreation for forests and people”.

Stay tuned for upcoming blogposts and our virtual excursion to the Kottenforst forest that will soon be available on YouTube.

Day 2 – Urban Forests as Health Infrastructure – hosted by the CLEARING HOUSE project

Day two welcomed the international audience with a rich programme themed on urban forests and health infrastructure. Keynote speakers outlined what medical science is telling us about forests as health infrastructure, followed by a thematic workshop on ‘forests and urban greenspaces in pandemic times‘. One of the highlights was to see the launch of EFUF 2021; a decentralised networking programme running from March to May 2021 with many diverse events. Also, the brand- new myEFUF app has been launched during the second conference day. Available in five languages, you can download it directly from the App Store or Google Play.

Session 1: What does the Public Health Science tell us on forests as health infrastructure

Session 2: Forests and urban green spaces in pandemic times

Session 3: Launch of the European Forum on Urban Forestry Semester #EFUF2021

Download myEFUF directly from the App Store or Google Play.

Registrations are open via Eventbrite.

Glimpsing through the trees- Round of introductions to projects on urban green space, trees, human health and well-being

Video Poster Session. Research and Practice and Perspectives on Integrated Forest Management and Urban Forestry – Contributions by young researchers and practitioners

Young researchers and practitioners from around the globe shared their research – from street tree pits to Peruvian ecosystem landscapes and LIDAR data – see the contributions in one playlist here, get the full insight in our blogpost about the session or dive into it one by one:

The Urban Forestry Days 2021 were facilitated by EFI Bonn and a great collaboration between EFI, CLEARING HOUSE, EFUF, BMEL, Wald&Holz, IUCN and Metropolis, with the support of all the presenters and many others. Stay tuned for more information on the conference, such as the virtual fieldtrip to Kottenforst that will soon be available on YouTube as well as various blogposts upcoming on the Resilience Blog, the CLEARING HOUSE blog and the efuf.org website!

-The CLEARING HOUSE project has received funding from the European H2020 Research and Innovation programme under the Grant Agreement n° 821242.-