August 2019 Urban Forestry Webinar Schedule

                                           August 2019 UF Webinar

Title:  Quantifying Rainfall Interception in the Urban Canopy

Date & Time:  Wednesday, 14 August, 6:00PM BST, 7:00PM CEST, 8:00PM EEST. 

Urban stormwater is a major contributor to surface water degradation, prompting cities to invest in green infrastructure – methods that naturally capture, store, and slowly release runoff, such as urban trees. 

While rainfall interception for full canopy environments is well studied, limited research is available that characterizes the interception of open-grown trees, which are commonly found in urban areas. 

Join Jon Hathaway as he shares preliminary results from his research that studies the effect of rainfall event duration, intensity and seasonal variations on the interception potential of urban trees in Knoxville Tennessee.

Presenter: Jon Hathaway, University of Tennessee, USDA Forest Service National Urban Forest Technology & Science Delivery Team

Connect to the webinar via the following link 15 minutes before start of Webinar:

Go to:

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