Urban Forestry Friday Morning Live Guest Room (9 April – 7 May)

Do you want to listen in about environmental education, environmental campaigning, turning one's passions into reality and unique career paths in urban forestry? You can now also listen to the #EFUF2021 Friday Morning live Guest Room insights on Spotify - follow us here.

The European Forum on Urban Forestry 2021 brought some special Friday mornings! Equipped with a mug of coffee or tea and curiosity, we started off our Fridays with a series of Urban Forestry insights from manifold perspectives from 9 April to 7 May. On the menu: Early bird get-togethers online with a list of wonderful speakers that were ready to share their Urban Forestry stories with us! We are grateful for so many inspiring, insightful and honest morning chats.

All Friday Morning live Guest Rooms are available as Podcasts on the myEFUF app:

Photo Source: Unsplash