February 2019: Additional UF Webinar Offering

Title:  Tree Species and Cultivars for Resilient Northeastern Community Forests

Date & Time:  Tuesday, 19 February, 5:00PM BST, 6:00PM CEST, 7:00PM EEST.

Dear Colleagues:

As Climate Change expands its impact, our tree planting palette will greatly benefit from increased diversity. Although this Webinar has a Northeastern US focus, we in Europe share the same Hardiness Zones and, invariably in the Northern Hemisphere, we are all also using the same urban-tolerant species. 

Jim Kisker, Director of Sales for the greatly esteemed (personal experience) Schichtel’s Nursery in Springville NY, will present an array of proven and promising tree species and cultivars for consideration in your urban tree planting programs. Many of these varieties have characteristic advantages when used to address unique site challenges. In addition, this Webinar will assist with matching plant availability to site requirements to provide best canopy and aesthetics. 

Presented by: Jim Kisker, Sales Manager, Schichtel’s Nursery, Springville NY.

Where:  PRE-REGISTRATION is suggested for this session in order to provide the most streamlined user experience.

TO REGISTER, PLEASE VISIT https://psu.zoom.us/webinar/register/938e0f5e4c434d477c24e00bf0acd2b8

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