Urban Forests in a European Perspective Workshop Registration Extended

Brussels Urban Forest

Dear EFUF Colleagues;

Please note that the registration deadline for this important workshop has been extended until Thursday the 1st of March. Incorporating our urban trees into every country’s National Forest Inventory is extremely critical to the advancement of sustainable Urban Forest Management as well as traditional Forest health. If we are to accomplish this constructively and collaboratively, we need your Urban Forest knowledge and your presence.

Title: Urban Forests in a European Perspective: what can the National Forest inventory tell us?
Date: 15 March 2018
Where: The European Forestry House, Brussells

This workshop is organized by the European Environment Agency and the SNS and EFINORD funded network to bring together Practitioners, Researchers and Policy Makers from the 8 participating European nations and beyond as well as the European Environmental Agency, and the European Commission to discuss opportunities for integrating the use, management, and governance of urban forests and woodlands to promote health and well-being outcomes for humans and trees alike. More details regarding the network and its focus can be found at this link:


and additional workshop information / schedule can be found here:

Urban Forests in a European Perspective_Brussels extended registration invite

Based on the workshop discussions, we intend to produce a summary of the key challenges and opportunities associated with the integrated multi-level governance of urban forests and woodlands to promote human health and well-being outcomes. This summary will form the basis for future collaborations on research or innovative projects and thus will influence synergies between urban forests and woodlands and broader urban environmental planning and management agendas at a local, national, and European level.

Please RSVP to nagu@ign.ku.dk<mailto:nagu@ign.ku.dk> by 1 March 2018.

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