January 2018 UF Webinar Schedule

January 2018 UF Webinar Themes


Title: Making Urban Forests Count: Quantifying and crediting storm water benefits
Date & Time: Wednesday, 10 January, 6:00PM BST, 7:00PM CEST, 8:00PM EEST.
The water quality benefits of forests are widely accepted, yet very few studies have successfully quantified the runoff and pollutant-reducing impacts of trees in the urban landscape. Uncertainty as to how to “credit” urban trees – everything from individual street trees up to small patches of forest – for runoff and pollutant load reduction has hampered their use as a stormwater Best Management Practice (BMP). In this webinar, Karen Cappiella and Justin Hynicka will review the available stormwater crediting systems for urban tree plantings and will present a new crediting system that can be integrated into state and local compliance systems for stormwater management, Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs), and other water quality requirements. The presenters will share a case study example of how this crediting framework has been formally adopted by state and federal agencies as part of the Chesapeake Bay TMDL, which covers 64,000 square miles across six states and Washington District of Columbia.
Presenters: Karen Cappiella, Center for Watershed Protection; Justin Hynicka, American Forests
Where: Visit https://usfs.adobeconnect.com/ucf/  15 minutes prior to start time.


Title: Green Stormwater Infrastructure Use to Control Combined Sewer Overflows
Date & Time: Tuesday, 16 January, 7:00PM BST, 8:00PM CEST, 9:00PM EEST.
ANSI is the acronym for the American National Standards Institute. It is the entity to whom American professional institutions submit their professional Standards. Pruning Standards form the base for the specifications that are used in management. While we in Europe may not have such an entity and while many of our countries may not have any Standards, this webinar may offer critical food for thought in planning for the development of this important management tool. Join Julianne Schieffer as she reviews the A300 Standards and discusses how they will impact tree health and industry specifications
Presenter: Julianne Schieffer, Urban Forester, Penn State Extension
Where: Visit https://meeting.psu.edu/pacommunityforestry 15 minutes prior to start time. Enter the webinar as a guest by typing your name in the name box and click the “Enter Room” button.


Title: i-Tree Instructional Workshop: Looking Toward Tomorrow Round Table Discussion
Date & Time: Thursday, 18 January, 6:00PM BST, 7:00PM CEST, 8:00PM EEST.
Join the i-Tree Development Team and Partners for this informative discussion on what is on tap for upcoming enhancements to the software tools. More importantly, it’s an opportunity to offer your feedback on what you would like to see included in future updates. This is a great chance to speak directly with the programmers, project managers and team members who are working to make i-Tree a valuable a tool in your assessment and management toolkit. Please plan to join the i-Tree Developers for this expanded session, which will last 90-minutes.
Presenter: USDA Forest Service and Davey Tree
Where: PRE-REGISTRATION is required for this session in order to provide the most streamlined user experience.  Please visit:

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