November 2017 Urban Forestry Webinar Schedule

11.2017 Urban Forestry Webinar schedule


Title: i-Tree Instructional Workshop: Using the i-Tree Database: Part 2
Date & Time: Thursday, 2 November, 6:00PM BST, 7:00PM CEST, 8:00PM EEST.
This November i-Tree instructional workshop will introduce the latest enhancements to i-Tree Database, which provides a central submission site for new data that users develop while completing their own i-Tree studies. Submitted data is vetted and officially added to i-Tree Eco. i-Tree Database allows users to: • view and comment on the tree species and location data in the databases; • add new species, location, precipitation, and pollution data to the databases.
This will be a very informative session, and will take a look at aspects of i-Tree that have not yet be presented during the i-Tree Webcast Series. This is a continuation of last month’s session which introduced the software tool. If you were unable to attend Part 1, you are welcome to join this session, since it picks up on brand new topics related to i-Tree Database.
Presenter: USDA Forest Service and Davey Tree
Where: PRE-REGISTRATION is required for this session in order to provide the most streamlined user experience.  Please visit:                      

Title: Performing an Urban Site Assessment of Street Tree Planting Sites
Date & Time: Thursday 9 November, 5:00PM BST, 6:00PM CEST, 7:00PM EEST.
Urban tree health related challenges often arise from underlying site related conditions that typically include soil related problems. Join Prof. Bryant Scharenbroch as he discusses the critical attributes of street tree planting site assessment and how practitioners can implement the new ‘rapid urban site index’ to identify potential problems.
Presenter: Bryant Sharenbroch, PhD, University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point
Where: Visit 15 minutes prior to start time and enter the ID code: 311-319-675

Title: Drought Tolerance in Trees – Improving Tree Selection for Challenging Urban Sites
Date & Time: Thursday, 30 November, 7:00PM BST, 8:00PM CEST, 9:00PM EEST.
Trees greatly enrich our urban environment through their provision of a wide range of ecosystem services. However, the contribution trees make is proportional to the health of the individual tree and urban forest as a whole. Impoverished growth environments, high mortality rates and poor species diversity act to diminish the ecosystem services provided by trees and make the urban forest vulnerable to a future climate scenarios. Professionals tasked with securing the future of our urban forests will be greatly aided by robust selection guidance on tree species and cultivars. Plant traits relating to the tolerance of water deficits will be particularly valuable since water deficits frequently perturb tree development in urban environments and lead to early tree mortality.
This hour long Webinar with Dr. Andrew Hirons will discuss why drought tolerance is one of the most important determinants of a tree’s ability to survive in the urban forest. You will gain an understanding of the basic mechanisms of drought tolerance and insight into tree mortality from drought, giving you practical strategies for managing trees in urban spaces.
Presenter: Dr. Andrew Hirons, Myerscough College UK
Where: PRE-REGISTRATION is required for the Webinar. Please visit:


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