Our suggestions for the IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress (Freiburg, 18-22 Sep 2017)

Next week, one of the largest conferences on forest research will take place in Freiburg (Germany). The International Union of Forest Research Organisations (IUFRO) organised this conference for its 125th anniversary, and the attendance is way beyond the expectations.

The final programme is now available, and we like to point out some sessions of specific interest to the urban forestry community, and the European Forum on Urban Forestry in particular.

Boris Rantaša (Slovenian Forestry Institute), who was leading the communications team for EFUF2016, will present the case of the 2016 edition of the European Forum of Urban Forestry as an illustration on how to promote a forestry conference in the era of social media (abstract). The presentation will offer a methodological approach on communicating a forestry conference using a social media team.  This talk is part of the session 174 D9 (Connecting People to Forest Science: Innovative Communication Approaches for Delivering Science) on Wednesday 20 September, between 18:00 and 19:30 in room KG I – 1009 (University Freiburg).

Sub-plenary session SP3 on Forests in cities and in wilderness offer recreation and health benefits (Thursday 21 Sep, 13:30 – 15:00, in room KG I – 1010 at University Freiburg) features two speakers well-known to EFUF attendants. Mathilda van den Bosch (UBC, Canada) will discuss challenges and prospects for urban forests and public health (abstract). Arne Arnberger (ILEN, Austria) will discuss the benefits of visitor monitoring for society and agencies managing natural resources. This session will be livestreamed on http://www.life.iufro2017.com  for free. 

A dedicated session on urban forestry (Session 69 D6 – Urban forestry for quality of life – the impacts of research on everyday practices) is planned on Friday 22 September, 15:30 – 17:30 (in room  KG I – 1199 at University Freiburg). This session includes

  • Marcus Hedblom (SLU, Sweden) – Urban forest as biodiversity hotspots: dead wood, birds and human perception (abstract)
  • Wendy Chen (University of Hong Kong) -Strategic interaction in municipal governments’ provision of public green spaces: a dynamic spatial panel data analysis in transitional China (abstract)
  • Nathalie Gulsrud (University of Copenhagen, Denmark) – Innovative urban forestry governance in Melbourne?: unpacking the implications of “green place-making” as a Nature-Based Solution (abstract)
  • Richard Hauer (University of Winconsin, United States of America) – Municipal Forestry and Management in the United States: An Urban & Community Forestry Census of the United States (abstract)
  • Alan Simson (Leeds Beckett University, United Kingdom) – The Role of Urban Forestry in delivering Resilient Urban Futures, with a focus upon the Leeds City Region, UK. (abstract)
  •  Mathilda van den Bosch (UBC, Canada) – Urban forestry and human health (abstract)

Many more interesting presentations and posters are off-course scheduled. The organisers provide livestream of selected sessions through http://www.live.iufro2017.com.

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