UK National Tree Officers Conference (Telford, 8Nov2017)

The National Tree Officers Conference is a unique gathering for professionals interested in all areas of local authority arboricultural work. This conference is crucial to tree, woodland and planning officers; provides a significant platform for future collaborations and partnerships; and offers latest research. It will demonstrate the best practice and innovation from arboricultural and urban forestry experts.

This year’s conference will focus on a range of influential topics from leading arboricultural and urban forestry professionals:

  • Planning Best Practice & Innovation
  • In-House or Out-Sourced
  • Innovation and Research
  • i-Tree Projects

This event is being organised by the London Tree Officers Association (LTOA), the Municipal Tree Officers Association (MTOA) and, the Institute of Chartered Foresters (ICF).

More information and registration:

Last year’s delegates demonstrate, in the below quotes, the benefits and value of attending the only UK nationally dedicated Tree Officers conference.

“The National Tree Officers Conference was a fantastic event. It was brilliant to hear how much great work is being done by tree officers all over the country and to have the opportunity to share ideas and experiences with colleagues. I’m looking forward to the next one.” John Parker, Transport for London & Chair of the London Tree Officers Association (LTOA)

 “A comprehensive day that linked many of the burning issues tree officers deal with daily. Excellent value!” Jim Smith MICFor, National Urban Forestry Advisor, Forestry Commission England

 “A fully interactive and engaging day, excellent turn out and thought provoking day. “Matt Seabrook, Chair, Municipal Tree Officer’s Association (MTOA)

 “It was a great atmosphere at the conference, bringing together Tree officers from across the country to discuss best practice in arboriculture.” Al Smith MICFor, Arboricultural Manager, London Borough of Camden

“Great to hear Tree Officers sharing innovative approaches and ideas, and responding to the challenges they face.” Craig Harrison FICFor, London Manager, Forestry Commission

“The National Tree Officer Conference 2016 promoted idea exchange and an unparalleled opportunity for tree, woodland and planning officers to showcase their excellent work, managing local authority trees and woodlands for the benefits of the communities they serve. A key part of the event is having the ability to talk and share experiences with your peers.” Andy Lederer, Development Director, Institute of Chartered Foresters 


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