June Urban Forestry Webinars

Dear Colleagues

There are several upcoming webinars that offer excellent Urban Forestry-related discussions:

Title:  Citizen Science and Open Data in Urban Forestry – Opportunities and Challenges.
Date & Time:  Wednesday, 14th June; 7:00PM BST, 8:00PM CEST, 9:00PM EEST.
Citizen Science and open data are currently being used by Urban Forest managers to engage the public and stakeholders. There is concern about the need for data coordination, quality control, resource commitment, etc. This USDA Forest Service offered webinar will present findings from a study of volunteer urban tree inventory data quality as well as other Citizen Science projects.
Please register using the following link:

Title:  Diversity Now!! – Increasing Resilience of Urban Forests by Expanding Species Diversity.
Date & Time:  Tuesday, 20 June; 5:00PM BST, 6:00PM CEST, 7:00PM EEST.
This Penn State Extension webinar will discuss the potential for increasing UF resilience by expanding species diversity. Subjects such as assisted migration, phenotypic plasticity, monotypic species, urban microclimates and hardy cultivars will be discussed in the context of a changing climate and increased threats from pathogens.
Please register as a guest, 15 minutes before webinar starts, using the following link:

Title:  Soil Profile Rebuilding – Rehabilitating Compacted Soils.
Date & Time:  Wednesday, 21 June; 7:00PM BST. 8:00PM CEST, 9:00PM EEST.
This upcoming webinar from the Tree Fund Webinar Series will explore recent research projects evaluating a soil rehabilitation technique known as Soil Profile Rebuilding – a technique which can be used to remediate soils on site. Dr. Susan Day will present an overview of this technique which is also available in the form of a written specification to allow for easy adoption.
Please pre-register using the following link:


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