The day after … Thankfully looking back at EFUF 2017


While some of the EFUF delegates are still enjoing Barcelona, I arrived home this morning after a 16 hour stressless train trip to Brussels (shared with a Swiss delegate up to Paris). The Forum has always been a special event for me, and arriving home is always connected with mixed feelings. Being happy to be at home again, feeling re-energised and full of new ideas, being thankfull for seeing old friends and making new contacts, but feeling a bit lonely without the EFUF family around myself.

The 20th European Forum on Urban Forestry was not only special as it was a jubilee edition, but also for being organised in such a wonderfull city. I didn’t expect Barcelona to be so leafy and was very surprised by vastness and quality of the Collserola park.

We were hosted by Area Metropolitana de Barcelona (AMB) and the Centro Tecnologic Forestal de Catalunya, and I was happily surprised by the active contribution and participation of members of all the co-organizing institutions. Your contribution greatly facilitated the Forum to achieve its aim to be a science-policy-practice interface. This has always been a challenge, and I think this year’s Forum was very successfull in this sense.

The EFUF Steering Group will closely cooperate with the staff at AMB to make the presentations available online in the coming weeks. We also invite you all to write a post for on your presentation, or on your work in general.

Thanks again to all who contributed, before and behind the curtains. It has been a wonderfull experience, once more.



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