Nominees wanted for European Forum on Urban Forestry (EFUF) International Steering Group 2017 – 2018

Dear Colleagues,

As EFUF expands its mission and its web presence, we are reaching out to this interested community to join the existing Steering Committee as we develop an EFUF Association. Please find the details in the following attachment. Looking forward to seeing you in Barcelona.


Since EFUF 2015 Brussels/Waterloo, an international steering group of volunteers has been supporting the development of EFUF with the intention of launching, in due course, an EFUF membership association. The membership association is now in preparation and an update on this will be given at EFUF 2017 in Barcelona.

Recent tasks have been:
• supporting the preparation of EFUF 2017 and EFUF 2018,
• an online survey on the future direction of EFUF,
• refresh of the web presence at and
• development work on the membership association.

The international steering group meets by email, Skype and a recent meeting was also held in Orvieto (IT) in April 2017.

The role

The role is entirely voluntary and presently there is no remuneration or reimbursement. The role is one of steerage and members are encouraged to take on a specific duty and to deliver this on behalf of the steering group.

Existing members are:

  • Clive Davies (convenor)
  • Cecil Konijnendijk
  • Rik De Vreese
  • Naomi Zurcher
  • Andreas Bernasconi
  • John Parker
  • Andrej Verlic
  • Renate Spaeth
  • Giovanni Sanesi


Nominations are sought for 2017/18, which will be a crucial year in developing the EFUF Association.

Nominees should send an email or speak with Clive Davies ( before 10.00 on Friday 2nd June 2017.

Nominees should indicate their area of interest in supporting EFUF. Members will be elected by a show of hands at EFUF 2017 Barcelona. Presence at the Forum is not a prerequisite to nomination.

Nominees wanted for European Forum on Urban Forestry

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