Have your say on the future direction of EFUF – participate in the EFUF Survey

Copyright: Howard Lake (CC BY-SA 2.0)

In anticipation of the 20th anniversary of EFUF (Barcelona 2017), a core group has been discussing the state of Urban Forestry in Europe. We have felt for some time that European Urban Forestry has been too underrepresented  and disconnected. While EFUF has hosted annual Forums for the past 19 years, that’s just not enough to fill the void that the rest of the year leaves.

The growing prominence of Urban Forestry in dealing with urban quality-of-life and climate change issues has sparked an interest in increasing the presence of EFUF through a web-driven Urban Forest network, connecting the diverse disciplines that Urban Forest planning, design and management embraces.

In order to determine the direction that such a web presence should take, we have created a short questionnaire to assess the ideas of professionals, such as yourselves, who have an interest in Urban Forestry. We hope you will use the following link to request the questionnaire to be sent to you by e-mail. Your input will be of great value and an essential component in network planning and development.

Thanking you, in advance, for your participation in growing Europe’s Urban Forest.

More than 600 people received the survey by e-mail, but if you didn’t receive the survey and would like to participate, than you can fill in the form below, and we will sent you a personalised link.


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