Webinar 9 Feb – Urban Soils in the Age of Green Infrastructure Stormwater Management


US Dept. of Environmental Protection (2003). Protecting Water Quality from Urban Runoff – 


On Thursday, the 9th of February, at Noon (US Eastern Standard Time – +5 hours for the UK and + 6 hours for the European Continent), ‘Urban Forestry Today’ will present “Underfoot and Underappreciated: Urban Soils in the Age of Green Infrastructure Stormwater Management”. The host webcast speaker, Dr. Susan Day, Virginia Tech, is an Associate Professor with the Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation.

This webcast will focus on a better understanding of how the soil environment impacts and affects urban tree longevity, performance and key environmental benefits associated with the urban forest, including stormwater management. Dr. Day will also discuss the use of engineered solutions (structural soils, suspended pavement), as well as the effects of soil compaction and remediation measures.

Dr. Day has focused her teaching and research on a variety of urban forestry issues with a particular emphasis on land development and urban design issues and how root / soil interactions affect the contribution of trees to urban ecosystems.

To attend, visit www.joinwebinar.com and enter the ID code 215-369-739  

For those who cannot attend live in-person, the webcast will be archived in the ‘videos’ section at www.urbanforestrytoday.org

Author: Naomi Zurcher


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